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the real Noah is MissNoie

She`s the real guys! She have very much proofs, personal pics!!
Believe in her! B'cuz she`s the real!!
Always online for you!!
Love always!!

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==> LoL .. I`m a cool gurl xD ...``` ;x 24 March 2011  
==> OMGsh .. =]] she`s a BIG BIG faKe =]]
==> Guys .. don`t blv` in she =]] ... ``
anonim 27 November 2010  
pai ea le copiaza! si eu pot spune ca xSelenaxGomezxReal e fake dar vreau sa te protejez ma' girl ok?:*
anonim 25 November 2010  
fake forevaaaa' i hate missfake!
HeyItsMileyCyrusxD 4 November 2010  
is fake
MissNoie 30 September 2010  
OMG!! Thanx you sooo much!! <33
Love you!! :3 xoxo
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