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Hello EveryBody

Hello Guys! What`s up? Here`s Georgi!!
I`m from Romania! I was born in 06.07.1988
I`m here for my favourite stars!
I know that I`m big for this site! But, I`m still a child! Hehe!
When you will find other real stars, ( not the stars what I wrote ), tell me! Okez?

Love Ya`

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Comments • 6

Anti-Fake 27 November 2010  
Mai mintit ca esti cea reala
xJustMex 24 December 2010  
Cu ce te-a mintit? Ea a zis doar ca real Selena e xSelenaxGomezxReal! Si da, xSelenaxGomezxReal nu e reala!!
anonim 25 November 2010  
hello georgi! how do u do ma' girll? luv ya sistaa'
ILoveDylanAndCole 22 November 2010  
ANd im from romania:PP
TiffxHere 11 October 2010  
! i want!
TiffxHere 9 October 2010  
yes u can call me Tiff
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